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As a result, registered jacks are commonly referred to by the letters RJ, followed by two numerals indicating the kind. Minor variants are indicated by additional letter suffixes. For example, the most often used interfaces for telephone connections for one-, two-, and three-line service are RJ11, RJ14, and RJ25, respectively.

In most parts of the United States, authorities can collect a wide range of cellphone data without a warrant. Police can use the initial data from a tower dump to request a court order for extra information, including addresses, billing records, and call, text, and location logs, according to law enforcement documents.

When on a phone call, you may hear pulsating static, high-pitched humming, or other unusual background noises, which could indicate that your phone is being tapped. When you're not on a call, you can hear weird sounds like beeping, clicking, or static, which could indicate that your phone has been tapped.

Without a warrant, authorities are often unable to seize any private correspondence. They can't listen in on phone calls, read emails, or read text messages without the approval of at least one of the parties involved.

Are mobile telcos recording our phone conversations? Originally Answered: Are mobile telcos recording our phone conversations? No, not legally. Consumers must express their agreement to be recorded under the law. If you call a company from your mobile phone, they may record your call for quality assurance purposes as long as you are informed during the call.

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