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The Tor Browser is a web browser that uses the Tor network to anonymize your web traffic, making it simple to safeguard your online identity. Tor Browser is also prohibited in totalitarian countries that want citizens to be unable to read, publish, or communicate anonymously.

Tor improves your online anonymity, but it won't shield you from all of the internet's perils. While visiting the web with Tor is far safer than browsing without it, it is not completely secure. Before accessing the open internet, traffic must be decrypted as it goes via Tor nodes.

Tor's declared goal was to provide citizens in blocked countries with a means to circumvent censorship. For that to happen, they must have access to the tool, and the simplest way to do so is to make it available to the broader public.

They may be able to physically break into a network and have direct access to your computer, allowing them to see what websites you are browsing. They can't spy on your use of TOR if they don't have physical access to your computer or network. The only way you'll be targeted otherwise is if your machine is seized.

Tor gained appeal among activists and tech-savvy users concerned in privacy, but it remained difficult for less-technically knowledgeable individuals to use, therefore development of tools other than the Tor proxy began in 2005. Tor Browser was first developed in 2008.

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