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Digital evidence, digital evidences, digital evidence analysis:

  • Digital evidence can be used for anything in the world. It is not limited to legal cases. The only limit is the number of materials that you have and hands-on time that you have for examining it.

There is no doubt that digital evidences can be used to prove any kind of claim. However, there are some reasons why that can't work out. First, it's not hard to get a false positive from an image that should be taken as a positive one (especially if it contains mistakes or errors). Also, images with high contrast ratios are usually better for the purpose of showing the authenticity of the document than images with low contrast ratios (which tend to have more detail in them), which is less likely to be considered genuine.

  • One of the most popular use cases for digital evidence is when a person is accused of a crime. The person can now be found sitting in jail or in court when he or she has been charged with a crime.
  • The judge and jury will hear from their digital evidences and look at them to determine whether the case against the defendant should proceed or not. In some instances, the digital evidence might even refute some of the accusations made against that person by the prosecution. This is where artificial intelligence can come into play.
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Currently, digital evidence is a very young field. While there are many sources of evidence, such as email content and documents like spreadsheets and presentations, X-Ray evidence is the most commonly used type of digital evidence. The goal of X-Ray evidence is to help a person to understand what they have done or said. This can be done by translating the written content into an audio format, making an image from it or by displaying the document on a display screen.

Some of the industries that have been disrupted by AI are legal and medical. These industries have to create relevant content for their audience because they are trying to collect evidence of a crime or a medical incident. An AI-based system can help them a lot in this regard.

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