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  • A malware is a computer application that is designed to do harm to the computers of its users.
  • A ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts all data on the infected machine and demands a ransom in order to unlock it.
  • A botnet is used to control multiple computers using the same set of commands and controls.
  • The main difference between these three types of computer viruses or malware is that the ransomware can be changed back once paid for. A cryptovirus can't be changed back, but it can be removed from your computer by a clean up tool like Microsoft Security Essentials.
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A service that allows developers to simply store images as they are made, tag and organise photos for identification and version control, and find and download images created by others.

As a forensic investigator, the registry can be a gold mine of information on who, what, where, and when something happened on a system, allowing you to immediately link the culprit to the acts in question.

On the market, there are numerous cyber forensics services. While many of these services require users to create an account, some do not and instead charge customers for their usage of the service. In this situation, you should create a registry in your company's name and fill it out as completely as possible. This will allow you to track down any unauthorised or undesired network activity and ensure that they do not cause difficulties for you or your customers.

The smallest and fastest memory in a computer is register memory. It is not part of the main memory, but rather resides in the CPU as registers, which are the smallest data storage components.

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