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Acquisition, analysis, and reporting are the three steps of the procedure, which is most commonly utilised in computer and mobile forensic investigations.

Mobile devices have made life easier for different industries. One industry that has benefitted significantly from the technology is cyber forensics. Mobile devices are powerful investigative tools. They provide a complete view of a person’s digital footprint, which can be valuable in a case of cyber crime or hacking incidents. A recent study has shown that more than half of Americans own a smartphone and use it for more than 60% of their personal communication and activity. This statistic should wake up businesses to the importance of using mobile devices as part of their digital forensics process.

In the world of cyber forensics, it is important to collect mobile devices that have been used in a crime. The two most common ways of doing this are through physical extraction and remote wiping. Physical extraction: A device can be physically extracted from the scene with or without consent from the owner.Remote wiping: Remote wiping allows you to remotely erase data from a device. This includes data that has been deleted, deleted by mistake, or even encrypted data on an old phone.

The way we store data on our mobile devices is changing quickly. This is due to 3 major factors: The following sections explain how these factors impact the way we use our mobile devices and how to navigate through them. They are broken into different sections for the sake of clarity and brevity.

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Smartphones and the internet give us access to a lot of data. This data can be used for various purposes including but not limited to marketing, product search, eCommerce and so on.

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