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A disk partition is a logical division of the hard disk drive into multiple sections. A disk partition is the smallest unit of storage that can be used to store data and files. The size of a disk partition varies depending on the type of data stored on it. Sometimes, a single file or folder can span multiple disks. Some programs may create multiple partitions, as well. The size and complexity (size and number) of partitions in a computer's hard drive depends on many factors, such as how much space the operating system has assigned to those partitions, how much data they contain, whether they are split across different physical segments like with RAID or in one contiguous chunk like with LVM (logical volume management),

The forensic disk partitioning tools are used to recover information from hard disks and other storage media. These tools are used by IT professionals to recover data from destroyed hard disks, corrupt partitions on hard drives, burned or formatted partitions on media like CD-ROM, NTFS and others.

Using your storage device to create numerous partitions: Access time for data and applications that are colocated on the same partition is improved. Separation of user and operating system files is supported. Provides dedicated swap or paging file space for the operating system.

Having at least two partitions - one for the operating system and one for your personal data - ensures that your data remains intact and accessible even if you are forced to reinstall the operating system.

Investigating with backup evidence is a very time-consuming task.

  • The forensic investigator needs to be able to find the last time when the suspect did something. He has to look at the latest backup and see if this is somewhere in there. To help him out, he can use a software called forensic evidence discovery (FED) which provides investigative tools that makes it easy for him to search and visualize backups.
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