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Table of Contents for the Master File (MFT) The MFT file, often known as $MFT, is one of the most critical files in the NTFS file system. It keeps track of all files on a volume, including their location in the directory, physical location on the drive, and file metadata.

The master file table, or MFT, is a file in the NTFS file system. More entries are added to the MFT as files are added to an NTFS file system volume, and the MFT grows in size. When files are removed from an NTFS file system volume, their MFT entries become free and can be used again.

The Master File Table (MFT) is the most important part of the Microsoft Windows NT file system. It's a file - a particular system file that acts like a database, storing information on all the files and subdirectories in the NTFS logical disc (partition).

The master file table, or MFT, is critical to the functionality of your computer's file system. The master file table is used whenever you need data from the hard drive because it is so vital to computer operations. It will benefit your performance if you defragment it.

An index of the files on an NTFS drive is stored in the Master File Table (MFT). The MFT might accumulate free space when the computer overwrites and deletes data. This area may retain index pointers to files that have been removed. More information can be found here.

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