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To work as a computer forensics investigator, you'll need a bachelor's degree in computer forensics or a related field. This degree will provide you a solid foundation in investigation and computer use, as well as upcoming technology and industry approaches.

As most of us are aware, cyber forensics is the popular term for the forensic science specialisation of digital forensics. Cyber forensics is an up-and-coming area that is now a key source of employment and a lucrative career opportunity.

With the increased use of computers, there is an increased demand for computer forensics. Computer forensics are becoming more important because they help companies discover any evidence of wrongdoing. Forensics can be used to find out which person or company may have been responsible for a particular event.

Cyber forensics is a technology-driven investigation technique that looks into the digital trail left by human activity. It analyzes and investigates such trails, which includes computer files, emails, chats and more. A cyber forensics team uses its expertise to help in investigations related to hacking, frauds and other cyber crimes. The experts use a wide range of tools to find out crucial information about the crime and identify

The Bachelor of Science (Cyber Forensic) is a three-year programme aimed at developing IT professionals who are proficient in information/network security and forensic investigation of compromised systems, as well as in documenting cyber forensic evidence for use in courts of law.

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