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An email header identifies who sent the message and where it was received. Some markers, such as "From:" — the sender's name and email address, "To:" — the recipient's name and email address, and "Date:" — the time and date the email was sent, show this information. These are all required indicators.

  • Open the email for which you wish to see the headers.
  • Click More next to Reply. Display the original.
  • Take a screenshot of the text on the page.
  • The Message Header tool should now be open.
  • Paste your email header into the "Paste email header here" box.
  • Above the header, click Analyze.

It is possible to use email header analysis to investigate cyber attacks. When a cyber attack occurs, the email headers will be infected with malware or be marked as spam. In order to investigate the attack, you should run a header analysis on the emails that were sent during the time of the attack. This can help you find out who was responsible for it.

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Email header analysis is a good tool for businesses that need to know how their emails are being viewed by the recipients. It's not just limited to email marketing and can be used for personal use as well. For example, if you work in sales, you can use the email header analysis software to know what kind of products are being clicked on or if any particular areas of your website are producing and converting the most leads. It's a very powerful and effective tool with many benefits to both marketers and users.

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An email header analysis is the process of retrieving an email’s sender, recipient, subject line and a few other pieces of information from the headers in an email. Cyber forensics analysts are often required to analyze emails for evidence. If this is the case for you, then you need to know how to employ email header analysis. From my experience as a cyber forensics analyst, I have found that email headers can be crucial in analyzing emails and pulling relevant evidence from them. 

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