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Forensic software is used in investigations to analyze digital evidence. In the past, the only way to analyze such digital information was through desktop computers with expensive and large storage space. New models of mobile forensic software have made it possible for investigators to do their investigation on the go with small devices.

  • A mobile device is a device that can be carried by the user. These devices are used in the workplace to communicate with colleagues, provide information and updates, and perform other functions.
  • The most important artifacts of a mobile device are its screen size, operating system version (OSV), data plan or data plan-type, as well as its storage capacity. These devices vary from phone to phone so it is hard to give an exhaustive list of them all. However, this article gives some of the most important ones:
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  • There’s a trend in the corporate world to change their organizational structures. This is usually because of the economy, so people like to switch segments and find new opportunities. There are also different kinds of companies where someone has more than one job. A great example is Google which has two separate divisions: search and advertising.
  • The Internet’s rise was due to corporations who were willing to pay huge sums for access. Once these corporations had access, they started using this resource that previously belonged to another organization or government body with much less money to spend on it. As a consequence of all these factors, the Internet became a powerful tool for corporations and governments alike.

  • For an insight into the development of mobile device artifacts, one needs to look at both the actual cost per device as well as their typical sales.
  • In 2013, Samsung sold around 5 million devices worth $3 billion. Apple sold more than 10 million iPhones in just four years. So if we take a yearly average then, it would mean that a Samsung user would spend around $620 on their phone. A user can choose from two options: either pay Samsung or buy a new iPhone every year. But if one does not want to pay for anything and simply wants a working phone for his/her life style then buying new iPhone is always an option as well.
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Whether it is the app you are using, the design on your phone or the interface of a website, anyone who has access to a technical information can create mobile device artifacts.

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