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First responders are people who need to deal with emergencies or disasters. They often receive lots of stress and emotional pressure. They have to be efficient, so they can respond as soon as possible. First responders must be able to handle all kinds of situations in an appropriate way.

It is important to understand the tasks of a first responder. They bring the needed number of people to the site and handle them. First responders make sure that there are enough emergency vehicles at site during emergencies. They also get help from rescue teams in case they have to rescue someone or use first aid equipment in case there's an emergency situation on site.

A police officer who is the initial responder to a crime scene can correctly safeguard, preserve, and, in some situations, collect evidence despite having inadequate knowledge of evidence and its preservation. Officers should avoid touching objects and places at the site while conducting a search.

Ascertain that you are legally present and that you have the necessary legal authorization to perform the search. Make sure the area is safe. Make sketches and/or photographs. As needed, seek the advice of technical experts.

In a computer forensic scenario, a first responder is the one who is the first to notice the problem and begin to solve it. An employee who identifies a problem with their company-issued desktop or laptop may be this person in an organisation.

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