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The examination of the source and content of email as evidence to identify the real sender and receiver of a message, as well as certain other information such as the date/time of transmission and the sender's intention, is known as email forensics. It entails looking through metadata, port scanning, and keyword searches.

E-mail forensics is the analysis of an e-mail message's source and content as evidence, as well as the identification of the true sender, recipient, date and time of transmission, and so on. The goal of forensic analysis of an e-mail message is to learn about the message's history and the identities of all parties involved.

An E-mail investigation is a way of finding out the information you need to find out about another person or an organization. It is important to understand the roles of the client and server in these investigations as it will help you make your decision on whether or not to proceed with your case.

Mail servers are used to send and receive email messages. They operate based on the TCP/IP protocol and can be either a part of an internet service provider's infrastructure or a separate entity. The function of a mail server is to provide an interface for users to send and receive email messages. In order to do so, it needs storage space for account information, accounts for each user, access control lists, routing policies that define how messages should be sent or delivered to their intended destination, etc.

Mail servers are software applications that use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to deliver, receive, and process incoming and outgoing email messages. They generally work with client programs such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. The two most common types of mail servers are the MTA (Message Transfer Agent) and the MUA (Mail User Agent). The MTA is a mail server that is content-aware, meaning it can automatically categorize messages into different folders, based on which folder(s) they were sent to or received from. The MUA is a mail server that does not have this kind of capability.

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