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Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is a multi-factor (qualitative, quantitative) methodology for gathering, analysing, and making choices regarding data available in publically available sources for intelligence purposes.

OSINT is a collection of techniques and activities used to gather information on targets of interest. This process includes searching on publicly available databases as well as scanning social media, open source intelligence and other sources for information that can assist in understanding the target. OSINT can be used in various fields such as corporate security, cyber-crime investigations, litigation work and more.

To begin, choose one piece of information, such as your entire name, email address, or username/alias, and then use Google to search for it on social media sites. One of your most powerful tools is Google's plethora of search operators; use it to get as much preliminary data as possible.

OSINT professionals, on the other hand, often consider material released on social networking sites to be part of the OSINT domain because it is public information shared on public internet platforms that can be used for intelligence reasons.

The collecting of information from human sources is known as human intelligence (HUMINT). The information can be gathered in an open manner, such as when FBI agents interview witnesses or suspects, or it can be gathered in a clandestine or covert manner (espionage). The FBI is in charge of HUMINT collection in the United States.

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