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Optical, magnetic, and semiconductor storage devices are the three basic types. The magnetic gadget was the first of them. Magnetic storage in the form of tapes was first used in computer systems (yes, just like a cassette or video tape). These progressed to a hard disc drive, then a floppy disc.

Depending on the polarity of the field, the storage medium charges the magnet in the head, causing a little current to flow in one way or the other through the head. As the disc or tape passes by the head, the disc or tape drive detects the flow direction.

MEDIA FOR STORAGE AND BACKUP. Backing up or archiving your vital data is one of the functions of storage devices. In the corporate sector, data must be stored permanently and in a way that prevents it from being destroyed, corrupted, or damaged. Backing up and archiving can be done on a variety of storage media.

Digital media utilised in computer storage devices falls within this group. Magnetic discs, cards, tapes, and drums are examples of such media, as are punched cards and paper cassettes, optical discs, barcodes, and magnetic ink characters.

A data storage component of a storage system, such as a DVD disc. Device that has been saved.

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