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The Final Word. Not unless the person who obtains your IP address intends to use it for illicit purposes, such as DDoSing you or hacking your computer. IP grabbing (and tracking) is generally allowed for routine reasons.

  • Open a Command Prompt window. To begin, hit the Windows key and the "R" button at the same time.
  • Ping the website you're looking for. To get the IP address of a website, type "ping" followed by the URL.
  • On the IP address, run the "Tracert" command.
  • Use an IP Lookup Tool to find these IPs.
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When you give your personal information to a website or app, it is necessary for them to protect your data. But what happens when they sell your data to a third party? Your personal information can be used for malicious purposes. In order to prevent this from happening, it is essential that you protect yourself by choosing the right company and protecting your personal data.

People are increasingly using their mobile phones to track their friends and loved ones. But what if you want to track someone's location without them knowing? There are a number of apps that can help you do just that. However, the important thing is to choose apps that offer high-quality scanning capabilities and usability features so they are easy to use.

In most cases, law enforcement would be required to intervene. All of your online activities gives your IP address away; it's how the internet works. Knowing your IP address isn't particularly unusual or dangerous. It's bullying if someone threatens you because they know you're vulnerable.

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