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Types of Graphic Design

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Graphic Designing with CorelDraw Tutorial

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Types of Graphics

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Before learning the CorelDraw, We will understand the basic theories of Graphic Design.

There are two types of Graphic Design.

One is Raster Based Graphic Design. And another one is Vector Based Graphic Design. Both of them are different types.

All designs, posters and even mobile graphics are based on these two types.

First one is Raster Based Graphic Design.

Raster……. Pause. How would you understand this? Like any image which is created by dot(.) or Pixel is called Raster Based Graphic Design.


And the same dot(.) and pixel arranged in Grid formation. It is very well formatted according to the Grid. OK! That is called Raster Based Graphic Design.

Second one is Vector Based Graphic Design.

Now, Vector based Graphic Design is defined as, anything or any image or any graphics made by shape, curve and Mathematical calculation is called Vector Based Graphic Design.

It contains pure colors and it never pixelates, does not matter how much you zoom in. It won't be blurry.


Let’s understand the difference between these two practically as well as theoretically.

Whenever any Graphic Design or image is based on Raster, and if you enlarge that image beyond a certain point then it begins to look blurry and pixels start showing up, that would be called Raster based Graphic Design.

And, In Vector based design. Whenever you watch any cartoon or any thing which is not real and you zoom in on those things then you won't be able to see any pixelate or any pixel rather you will see only real color.

If you want any trick to memorize it, then we can say that Raster means Real (R) R. Whichever image is real. OK! Whichever thing is real, which does not look like a cartoonist, they all are part of the Raster image.

And whichever thing seems cartoonist and does not seem real at all, like you can say that it looks like illustration or cartoon or cartoonish. That is called Vector based Graphic Design.

These are Basic differences between both of them.

Let’s understand with the help of images as well.

As you can see here, it is a cartoon and I zoomed in on it anywhere. Ok! On eyes. As you can see that all pixels are visible there. And If you zoom in more than you are able to see pixels getting shattered/broken. Beyond a certain point, if we over zoom-in anything then the raster will break.

This is an actual cartoon, but it is a raster-based cartoon. This is made by pixel. 

Then, Let’s see vector based Graphic Design.

In vector based Graphic Design, as you can see there is a sharp line and you won't able to see a single pixel there. You can call this a full HD. You can zoom in multiple time, you will see only pure color and there is no sign of any pixel. That’s part of Vector based design.

Now, Let’s discuss about Softwares.

CorelDraw software was earlier used for wedding cards but now it is upgraded by Quack express.

Nowadays CorelDraw is very useful due to numerous features and it is easy as well. And shortcut keys are also inserted hence we can work speedily.

CorelDraw is completely Vector based software.

In CorelDraw, we can create a logo from one of the largest banners. In this there are numerous facilities which help in typography and creation of image with good alignment, color contrast and good design in CorelDraw.

CorelDraw is considered the easiest one because their shortcut keys are very basic and easily memorable. Because it is very easy.

This was the knowledge of software, however along with that we also understood the theoretical knowledge as well. Like, what is Graphic Design? Then after What is Vector and Restor?

What are career opportunities available there? We also learnt the types of career and types of Graphics.

After that, In software!! How much work scope is available in CorelDraw or what we can do in CorelDraw? That we will learn in next topic. Further, how many types of designs can be created in CorelDraw and what are their limitations and powers and where we can use CorelDRAW.


If you have any query or comment, click the discussion button below the video and post there. This way, you will be able to connect to fellow learners and discuss the course. Also, Our Team will try to solve your query.

Thank you so much!!


There are many different types of graphic design. Some are more common than others. The most common types of graphic design are logos, posters, advertisements, brochures, flyers and packaging.

The most popular types of graphic design are typography, illustration and photography.

Graphic design is a career in which people produce visual content to convey messages. Designers utilise typography and graphics to fulfil users' individual demands and focus on the logic of showing items in interactive designs to optimise the user experience by employing visual hierarchy and page layout approaches.

Posters, infographics, book covers, product labels, logos, business cards, signs, website layouts, mobile apps, software interfaces are some examples of Graphic Design

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