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  • Distribution is a process of ensuring that content is available to the audience. It can be done through social media, email, newsletters or other platforms.
  • Alignment is a process of ensuring that content matches the goals and objectives of the company. It can be done by measuring the success of content and its impact on different audiences.

Select the Page edge button from the drop-down menu. Select Page Center from the drop-down menu. Make sure the Align centre horizontally and Align centre vertically buttons in the Align area are activated to align the object's centre with the page centre. Select the Grid option.

In a drawing, CorelDRAW allows you to precisely align and distribute objects. Objects can be aligned with one other and with drawing page elements like the centre, edges, and grid. You can align items by their centres or by their edges when aligning them with other objects.

Select Align > Align Selected Objects from the menu. This is the default setting. Select at least two objects in the document. The option to Align Selected Objects is activated.

Click the Edit Transparency symbol (at the top of the Property bar), then the Reverse Transparency icon, and then OK. Then drag the black colour handle to modify the transparency fade so that the white highlight shape's edges are soft.

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