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A drop shadow is a visual effect in graphic design and computer graphics that consists of a drawing element that looks like an item's shadow, creating the appearance that the object is risen above the objects behind it. Instead of making the pixels where the shadow casts grey, I darkened their hues.

Select "Color Range" from the top toolbar's "Select" menu. Select "Shadows" from the drop-down menu. To acquire the shadow appearance you desire, play about with the "Fuzziness" and "Range" sliders. Checking the "Invert" box may make this decision easier, but make sure to uncheck the item before clicking "OK."

A drop shadow is a blurred, offset version of the alpha mask in the input image that is created in a specified colour and composited below the image. This function is similar to the box-shadow property in certain ways.

The drop shadow (sometimes known as a "box shadow") is a common effect in catalogue photos, commercial graphics, and Web pages. It's made by isolating the subject object from the backdrop and then adding a custom shadow to it. The illusion that the object is floating in space is created as a result of this effect.

Select the text layer and go to the Effect option, which is at the top of the work area of adobe; after effect, a drop-down list will open, go to Perspective, again, a drop-down list will open. Click on the drop shadow option.

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