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Click the Pen tool in Photoshop CC and look for the gear icon on the Tool Options bar. You can use this window to enable or disable the Rubber Band feature, as well as select a line colour and width for the Pen tool while drawing.

To begin, select the outlines you created with your Direct Selection Tool. Adjacent, select the (drop down menu arrow) next to the Fill box above your artwork while holding Shift. Simply choose your colour, and if everything is turned off, it should fill automatically.

Using the key P, select the Pen tool. To make a selection, click two points to connect them with a line, and then drag a point to produce a curved line. To alter your lines, press Alt/opt-drag. To make a shape out of your route, right-click it in the Paths tab on the right and pick Fill Path.

Open the Layer Options dialogue from the Layers Palette flyout menu. There's an option to adjust the colour.

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