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Script macros are a type of macro that can automate many tasks in corelDRAW. They are useful for repetitive tasks like drawing lines, circles, and rectangles.

CorelDRAW is a vector graphics software that is used for creating, editing, and publishing 2D images in various formats.

To add a new macro, click on the Scripting tab and select New Macro. Then, enter a name for your macro, choose an icon from the Macro drop-down list, type your script in the Macro Editor area below, and then click OK. You can also edit existing scripts by clicking on them in the Scripts list or by double-clicking them in the Macro Editor area.

Script macros are a type of automation tool that allow users to control the flow of their scripts. They can also be used to automate repetitive tasks and reduce the workload.

Script macros can be created by following a few simple steps. First, you need to open the Script Editor window which is located on the left side of the screen. Next, you need to click on "New Script" and name your macro accordingly. After that, you need to create a new script function which will perform a task for you. This function should have one argument which is your input value as well as an output value. Finally, save your file and run it from within CorelDraw's Script Editor window or from within the Macro menu inside of CorelDraw itself.

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