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The starting point, which can be specified as a cell reference or a range. rows - The number of rows below the beginning reference to offset. cols - The number of columns to offset from the beginning reference to the right.

"=SUM (OFFSET (C2, 1, 0, 9, 1)" would be the formula. if we utilise SUM and OFFSET together. 9 is the total number of rows in the range C3:C11, as well as the total number of cells in column C that contain numbers. As a result, the formula can be rewritten as "=SUM (OFFSET (C2,1, 0, COUNT (C:C), 1)".

OFFSET's principal function is to allow calculations to change dynamically to available data or user input. To ensure that source data is constantly up to date, the OFFSET function can be used to create a dynamic named range for charts or pivot tables.

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