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The function checks if two or more specified text strings or values are exactly equal and returns TRUE if they are. Otherwise, FALSE is returned. Case is important when using the EXACT function.

INDEX MATCH is a formula that combines two Excel functions: INDEX and MATCH. Based on the column and row number, =INDEX() returns the value of a cell in a table. =MATCH() returns the row or column position of a cell.

  • Use formulas to see if several cells are equivalent.
  • Please enter the following formula in a blank cell beside your data: EXACT(A1:D1,A1) =AND(EXACT(A1:D1,A1) =AND(EXACT(A1:D1 (A1:D1 indicates the cells that you want to compare, and A1 is the first value in your data range) view the following image:

The ordinary COUNTIF or COUNTIFS functions, unlike the other statistical functions in Excel, do not support case sensitivity. However, we can simulate case sensitive counting with the SUMPRODUCT and EXACT functions. When two strings are compared, the EXACT function returns a Boolean value indicating whether they are "exactly" the same or not.

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