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A calculated field is a field that takes existing database fields and adds logic to them, allowing you to build new data from old data. A calculated field does one of two things: it calculates database fields to produce a value that isn't directly recorded in the database, or it doesn't.

Each sales person receives a 3% incentive if they sell more than 100 units in this example. The bonus amount is determined using 3 percent of the Total field, and the calculated field formula checks the value in the Units field. Here's the final result, with the bonus displayed in the appropriate rows.

To begin, choose any cell in the pivot table. Then, on the PivotTable Tools ribbon's Options tab, select "Fields, Items & Sets," then Calculated Field. Then, from the name drop-down list, choose the calculated field you want to work with. You can now make any changes to the formula that you like.

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