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The quartiles are expressed as First Quartile(Q1) = ((n + 1)/4)th Term when the set of observations is sorted in ascending order. ((n + 1)/2)th Term = Second Quartile(Q2). (3(n + 1)/4)th Term = Third Quartile(Q3)

The first quartile (Q1) is 29.25, the second quartile (Q2) is 31 (also known as the median), and the third quartile (Q3) is 32 in this example. IQR = 2.75 is the interquartile range.

If the number of points is even, we choose a value that is halfway between the two centre values. For the 0.5 quantile, I = q (n +1) = 0.5 times (57+1) = 29, which is the 29th observation as previously. 4.53 = 4.50 + (4.56 - 4.50) multiplied by (43.5 - 43).

The first quartile (Q1) is the 25th percentile, and a score of 68 (Q1) is the first quartile. The median of the lower half of the accessible score set—that is, the median of the scores from 59 to 75—is 68. According to Q1, 25% of the class scores are less than 68 and 75% of the class scores are greater.

The median is the average of the data set's middle two values if the data set's size is even. Add the two numbers together, then divide by two. The median is the value of the second quartile Q2, which divides the data set into lower and higher half.

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