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For the result, enter the birth date in cell A1 and paste the formula into cell B1. We'll choose the birth date of 11/04/1983 as a starting point: 35 years old. It's the same as when you use the DATEDIF function on a single cell. =int(YEARFRAC(A1,today()))

The Most Important Takeaways "=LEN(TRIM(cell))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(cell," ",""))+1" is the formula for counting words in a specific range. To handle arrays, the word count formula is used with the SUM or SUMPRODUCT function. The SUBSTITUTE function replaces all of the cell's spaces with the empty string (").

You may also use the YEARFRAC function in Excel to compute the age (in years) of a date range. The YEARFRAC function returns the number of years between two dates, whereas the INT function only returns the integer portion of the result.

You may also acquire the word count easily using Google Docs. To acquire the word and character count, just copy and paste the text into any blank Google Docs document and hit Control + Shift + C (all at once).

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