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The formula is =(D2/((B2+E2)/2) because the employee turnover rate is the number of employees who left divided by the average number of employees working during that period. Select the column, then hit the percentage button in the toolbar to retrieve the number in percentage form.

Employee turnover, also known as employee turnover rate, is the number of employees who leave a company in a given period of time, usually a year.

Divide the total number of leavers in a month by the average number of employees in a month to begin your employee turnover calculation. After that, double the total by 100. Your monthly staff turnover as a percentage is the number on the left.

The RATE function in Excel is a financial function that returns the annuity's interest rate each period. RATE can be used to get the periodic interest rate, which can then be multiplied to get the annual interest rate. Iteration is used to calculate the RATE function. nper - The number of payment periods in total.

For example, if you borrow $5,000 for five years at a simple interest rate of 3%, you will pay a total of $750 in interest. A = P (1 + rt) is the formula for simple interest. A is the total amount you pay over the loan's life, including interest. The principal amount is denoted by the letter P.

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