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VLOOKUP is an abbreviation for 'Vertical Lookup.' It's a function that tells Excel to look for a specific value in a column (the so-called'table array') in order to return a value from another column in the same row.

VLOOKUP will make the match if you use TEXT as the first argument. Yes, as stated in cell C7 below, it worked. We could also use our friend IFERROR, which we explored in a previous post, if we needed to construct a function that worked for both text and numbers.

You may now connect the names back together using a concatenation method. =B2&", "&A2" would be the formula. To join or concatenate, use the ampersand character. Double quotes must enclose literal characters like a comma and then a space.

To extract text off the right side of a text string, use the RIGHT function. Use the LEFT method to extract text from the text's left side, and the MID function to retrieve text from the text's middle. The LEN function returns the length of a string as a character count.

The LEN function in Excel can count the number of characters in a text string and can count letters, numbers, special characters, non-printable characters, and all spaces in a cell. The length of a supplied text string will be returned by this function.

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