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To compare two or three variables with a single value, use bar charts. See Bar charts in Reports for more details. Vertical bars are used to depict data in column charts. See Column charts in Reports for further details.

Typically, creating reports entails gathering data and presenting it on a single sheet that serves as the report sheet for all of the data. These report sheets should also be structured so that they are simple to print.

Bar graphs are useful for visually showing almost any form of data, but they have a special place in marketing.

We know how to respond! Simply select a cell in a data range > click the Home tab's Analyze Data button. In a task window, Analyze Data in Excel will analyse your data and produce intriguing graphics about it.

Spreadsheet software, such as Excel or Google Sheets, is commonly used for data analysis. Google Sheets offers some built-in rapid analysis options that can help you obtain a better understanding of your data and uncover some interesting facts.

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