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In Excel, you may combine the IF and AND functions to check if a cell fits multiple conditions at the same time. =AND(Logical 1, Logical 2, Logical 3,..., etc.) is the most basic form of the AND function in Excel.

For more sophisticated tests, you can use the IF function alone in a single logical test or nest many IF statements into a single calculation. Start by typing =IF(test, value if true, value if false) into a cell in your Google Sheets spreadsheet.

And so forth. The point is that you can perform any computation you want within IF. It's even possible to make a nested IF. Note: In many more complicated formulas, layering other calculations inside a function or formula is a frequent practise.

In Google Sheets, the technique for highlighting cells that contain an IF Statement is comparable to the process in Excel. Then go to Format > Conditional Formatting and choose the cells you want to format.

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