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  • The data type for numbers. To put it another way, numerical values are nothing more than numbers, such as 10, 65.76, $75, 76 percent, and 15,785.
  • Text is a data type.
  • The Logical Data Type is a type of data that is logical in nature.
  • The Error Data Type is a type of data that contains errors.

Simply select a cell in a data range > click the Home tab's Analyze Data button. In a task window, Analyze Data in Excel will analyse your data and produce intriguing graphics about it.

The process of discovering, processing, and modelling data for the express intention of extracting characteristics that aid in decision making is known as data analysis. Today's corporate world necessitates data interpretation in some form or another.

A basic example of data analysis is when we make a decision in our daily lives, we consider what happened the last time we made that decision or what will happen if we make that decision. This is nothing more than looking backwards or forwards in time and making decisions depending on our findings.

The three categories of data most typically utilised in spreadsheet programmes are described below: Text data, often known as labels, is used to create worksheet headings and names for data columns. Letters, numerals, and special characters like! and & can all be found in text data.

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