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INDEX MATCH is a formula that combines two Excel functions: INDEX and MATCH. Based on the column and row number, =INDEX() returns the value of a cell in a table. =MATCH() returns the row or column position of a cell.

The INDEX function in Excel returns the value at a certain point in a range or array. Individual values, as well as full rows and columns, can be retrieved using INDEX. To obtain row and column numbers, the MATCH function is frequently used in conjunction with INDEX. The value of something at a specific location.

A guide, list, or symbol, or a number used to assess change, is what an index is. A list of employee names, addresses, and phone numbers is an example of an index. A stock market index, for example, is based on a standard set at a specific point in time. noun.

The simplest technique of calculating index numbers is the simple aggregative method. This method divides the total of current year prices for various commodities by the total of the base year and multiplies the quotient by 100.

We can make an index list in a sidebar instead of a new sheet at the top of your workbook so that we can see it from any tab of our Google Sheet.

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