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A formula can be used to calculate the rank percentile of a list of data. Select a blank cell for the rank percentile and type =RANK. EQ(B2,$B$2:$B$9,1)/COUNT($B$2:$B$9), then press Enter and slide the fill handle down to compute all rank percentiles.

As a result of incorporating this function into a formula, the general formula will be =PERCENTILE (B2: B10, 0.95). We'll find the percentile from cell B2 to cell B10 because our data set comprises ten cells. We chose 0.95 since the data set as a whole is 100 percent, and 95 divided by 100 is 0.95.

The PERCENTILE function in Excel calculates a set of data's "kth percentile." A percentile is a number that represents the percentage of values in a data set that fall below it. PERCENTILE can be used to find the 90th percentile, 80th percentile, and so on.

If a child's weight is in the 50th percentile, it suggests that out of 100 children her age, 50 will be larger and 50 will be smaller than she is. In the same way, if she's in the 75th percentile, she's bigger than 75 kids and smaller than only 25, compared to 100 kids her age.

Enter "=PERCENTILE(A1:ARow,Dec)" in a blank column, where Row is the row of the data set's final value and Dec is the decimal form of the desired percentile. Enter "=PERCENTILE(A1:A50,0.9)" in a blank cell to determine the 90th percentile of a data collection from cell A1 through cell A50.

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