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The spot healing brush is Photoshop's basic healing tool for cloning areas from an image and flawlessly blending the pixels from the sampled area with the target area. The main premise is that wherever you paint, the texture from the sample area is merged with the colour and luminosity around you.

The Healing Brush and Patch Tools are what they're called. The Healing Brush differs from the Rubber Stamp in that the Rubber Stamp merely copies and pastes the selected set of pixels, but the Healing Brush blends the replacement pixels into the original ones.

The Patch Tool is part of the set of tools for the healing brush. These are the tools you should use to retouch and fix your photos. The Patch Tool is usually used to restore larger parts of an image or remove distracting or blemishing elements.

The Healing Brush and Patch tools can be used to remedy flaws like as scratches, wrinkles, and dust spots by blending them into the surrounding image. They function similarly to cloning software. You sample pixels in one part of an image, then paint over the sampled pixels in another area.

In the Toolbar, you'll find the Patch Tool. If you can't see your toolbar, go to Windows and make sure the submenu Tool has a check mark next to it. The Patch Tool is positioned beneath the Spot Healing Brush Tool in the Toolbar. Right-click it, and the Patch Tool will appear in the third row.

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