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Select Filter > Filter Gallery from the menu bar. Experiment with the various filters and alter their settings to achieve the desired result.

Start Photoshop. Select Preferences > Plugins from the dropdown menu, then Edit. Accept new files by checking the "Additional Plugins Folder" option. Install a plugin or a filter on your computer.

  • Select an image, layer, or area in the Edit workspace.
  • From the Filter menu, select Other > Custom.
  • Select the text box in the centre, which represents the pixel to be evaluated.
  • Choose a text box that represents a nearby pixel.

Custom filter is a module that allows you to design your own regular expression-based filters. You can use this module to generate your own input filter if you require one that isn't accessible from and don't want to write your own module.

A filter is defined as a device that separates solids from liquids, removes contaminants, or only allows particular items to pass through. A water filter is something like a Brita that you install to your water faucet to eliminate pollutants.

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