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The Paint Bucket tool fills nearby pixels with colour values that are identical to the ones you click. The Gradient tool blends different colours in a progressive manner. You have the option of using pre-made gradient fills or creating your own.

  • Select the Gradient Tool from the Toolbox.
  • Using the Options bar, choose a gradient style.
  • Move your mouse across the canvas.
  • When you lift the mouse button, the gradient fill emerges.
  • Choose the region where the gradient should appear.
  • Choose a Gradient Tool.

Using the Gradient Tool in Photoshop, you may create a gradual transition between two or more colours. A gradient can be applied to any part of an image or backdrop that you like. The gradient will be applied to the entire layer if no area is selected.

There are two types of gradients you may make: solid gradients and noisy gradients.

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