Course Content

Course Content


  • Form Your Flowers
  • Choose your colours.
  • Make the Vertical Repetition.
  • Complete the Seamless Repeat.

A seamless pattern is a picture that can be placed side by side with duplicates of itself with no obvious seams or content interruptions, allowing you to repeat the image and construct an infinite pattern to create new backgrounds, text effects, or brand features.

To make a seamless pattern in Photoshop, go to Filter > Other > Offset and select the desired image. Original photograph. Increase the values to make the offset more visible, and choose Wrap Around for the Undefined area.

As a result, a pattern repeat should be able to generate a continuous length without you being able to see where it begins and ends. As a result, if you notice gaps in your designs, your design isn't seamless. Tram tracks or tracking are the gaps you'll observe if you don't repeat your design effectively.

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