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The Pen tool, which can be found in the Toolbar, is one of Illustrator's most powerful drawing tools. You can use it to make and change anchor points and paths.

Hello there, using the Backspace key is the quickest way to go back one step. When sketching routes, Command-Z does not yet work to undo specific modifications, but it is something we aim to add!

A second click adds another point, and a straight line connects the two. Adding points all the way around the object until the initial point is clicked again completes the selection. Tip: Selecting the pen tool using the P key on the keyboard.

Using the key P, select the Pen tool. To build a selection, click two points to connect them with a line, then drag a point to produce a curved line. To alter your lines, press Alt/opt-drag. To make a shape out of your route, right-click it in the Paths tab on the right and pick Fill Path.

The brush tool is similar to the pencil in terms of functionality, but the sole difference is that it may respond to pressure sensitivity input, resulting in changeable stroke width and is built into the path. This pressure sensitivity look can't be changed or applied to other pathways.

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