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Let's take a look at a path we created with the Direct Selection Tool. The anchor points and direction lines appear when you use the direct selection tool to select a path. If the anchor point appears dark, it signifies it has been picked and may be used.

As a result, the Selection tool is used to move or select entire objects or routes, whereas the Direct Selection tool is used to change the geometry of an item or path.

Paths are selected and moved using Photoshop's Path selection tool. The Pen Tool can be used to make paths. The following tools can also be used to construct paths when in path mode: Rectangle Tool is a tool for drawing rectangles.

Paths are selected and moved with the Path selection tool in Photoshop. Using the Pen Tool, you may draw paths. The following tools can also be used to generate paths when the path mode is turned on: Tool to draw a rectangle

To pick, move, or alter routes or forms, utilise the Direct Selection Tool. You can change a path/shape by selecting individual Anchor points with this tool.

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