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Course Content


  • Create a New Document.
  • From Photoshop's Tools Palette, choose the Type Tool.
  • From the Options Bar, select a font.
  • Pick a color for your text.
  • Fill In The Blanks With Your Text.
  • If necessary, resize the type.
  • Make a shape out of the text.

To change an individual letter, select it and press Command + T (Mac) or Control + T (PC). To rotate the transform box, hover over any corner and click and drag. To commit to the changes, press Enter. You can keep rotating individual letters by repeating this method as many times as you want!

Convert text to a shape by right-clicking on the text layer and selecting "Convert To Shape." Then, by pressing Shift A, pick the Direct Selection tool (the white arrow tool) and click-and-drag the points in the path to reshape the characters.

A Type layer is automatically created in the Layers panel when you add text to the canvas. Individual Type layers allow you to make type changes without affecting the rest of the design. Because Photoshop's type is built up of vector-based outlines, it remains smooth and crisp even when scaled up and edited.

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