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Select the View tab, then the Navigation button to open the pane (or use the keyboard shortcuts Alt > W > K to access the Navigation pane). Select a section name in the Navigation pane to view that sheet; expand it to see its contents, which include tables, named ranges, and images.

Press Ctrl+F6 (forward) and Ctrl+Shift+F6 (reverse) to travel between the main areas in Excel for the web (backward).

  • Ctrl + Tab Open and close Excel workbooks.
  • Ctrl + Page Down Navigate to the workbook's next worksheet.
  • Press Ctrl + Page Up to return to the workbook's previous worksheet.
  • Move to the left, right, upper, or lowermost section of the current data region using Ctrl + Arrow Key.

Ctrl+Tab can be used to switch between tabs in practically any application that has built-in tabs, just like Alt+Tab may be used to switch between windows. To go to the right-hand tab, hold down the Ctrl key and continuously hit Tab. By using Ctrl+Shift+Tab, you can even swap tabs backwards (from left to right).

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