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Start by clicking within a PivotTable and then clicking Analyze on the ribbon to get started with calculated fields. Then select Calculated Field from the Fields, Items & Sets menu. To add a calculated field to your PivotTable, go to Analyze > Fields, Items & Sets > Calculated Field.

  • Enter data—Click Add under Rows, Columns, or Values, depending on where you wish to add data.
  • Change the name of a row or column by double-clicking it and typing in a new name.
  • Click the Down arrow under Rows or Columns to change the sort order or column.
  • Select data range to change the data range.

To access the PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard, press Alt + D + P on your keyboard. This will walk you through the procedures to create a pivot table or a pivot chart, as well as how to select your data and where your new pivot table or chart should be saved.

A pivot table is a table that is used to store a simplified version of a data set's summary. Rows, columns, data fields, and pages make up the table. These components are movable, allowing the user to expand, isolate, sum, and group specific data in real time.

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