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The location of the header in PHP is at the top of the page. The header usually consists of a title and a series of navigation links to other pages. In PHP, it is located at the top of the page. Header information on a website may include the following: -The Content-type HTTP Header, which specifies the document’s content type. -The Expires HTTP Header, which tells browsers how long to cache resources for. -The Cache-control HTTP Header, which specifies what resources should be cached and how long they should be cached for. -The ETag HTTP Header, which can be used by caches to avoid requesting an object again if it has not changed since the last time it was requested.

The header function is used to provide the page with a title. The parameters of the header function are: - title: This is the text that will be displayed on top of the page. - subtitle: This is an optional parameter that can be used if you want to display text below the title. It should not be longer than one line and it can use any HTML tags. - name: This is a required parameter that should contain a unique name for your blog post or web page.

This learn hindi free courseis about what you need to know about HTML headers and footers. A header is the first part of a document, usually containing the title of the document. A footer is typically placed at the bottom of a document, containing copyright information or other metadata about who created the document.A header is the text at the top of a page, usually containing the title of the document. A footer is the text at the bottom of a page. A header will typically contain some information about what page it is on, while a footer will typically contain some information about who created it (a copyright).

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