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One way is to create a view in MySQL and then join the data. When you create a view, not all of the rows and columns of your table will be in the new table. But you can add columns from other tables by joining them together. Another way is to use INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, FULL JOIN or CROSS JOIN in your SQL query. You can use joins when you want to combine two or more tables based on certain criteria such as matching values in their common fields.

A procedure in MySQL is a piece of code that can be invoked by passing arguments to it. Procedures are defined as part of a schema and can only be executed if they are associated with the current database connection. A procedure is defined as part of a schema and is defined as part of the SQL language. A procedure may only be executed if it is associated with the current database connection. A procedure has one or more input parameters and zero or more output parameters. The input parameters represent values passed to the procedure by the programmer, while output parameters represent values passed to the programmer from within the body of the procedure code. Arguments: Input: A parameter supplied at run-time, typically from within another program; an argument; a parameter; an input parameter Output: A

When a MySQL operator is executed, the output of the operator is stored in a table. The table name usually has the same name as the operator. For example, if we execute an IN operator on two tables, it will create a table called “IN” with two columns: first column stores which rows from first table match the rows from second table and second column stores which rows from second table match first table. In addition to storing output, these tables also store triggers. A trigger is a stored procedure that executes automatically when data changes on a given MySQL table. In order to work properly, triggers need inputs from SQL operators such as INSERT or UPDATE. A trigger can be created on specific columns of a given MySQL Table by specifying those columns in the CREATE TRIGGER

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