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which combines three expressions into a single expression, is the only ternary operator supported by JavaScript.

The ternary operator is a conditional expression in PHP that evaluates a condition and returns the value of the first expression to be found.

  • Ternary operators are a new concept in programming languages. They can be used to make decisions and to combine multiple expressions into one.
  • The ternary operator is a very useful tool for developers who write programs in C, C++ or Java, but it's also helpful for programmers writing in other languages such as Python.

A ternary operator is used to conditionally execute one of two expressions depending on the value of a third expression.

PHP is an interpreted scripting language that executes commands on the server:

  • If you have a condition in your code, PHP will return the value of the first statement if it's true and will then go on to execute the rest of your code.

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