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Null & Not Null Condition

Null and Not Null Condition in SQL In the same way that every other programming language has a conditional operator that returns True or False, there is a conditionals operator in SQL that returns Null or Not Null.


Null value can be used as a parameter in functions. It is important to know that null values are not just empty strings or empty arrays, but they can also be other variables. The same thing happens when working with dates and other variables. Since writing code is done by adding numbers, it is easy to have problems with the math function if the programmer doesn't specify the type of his input parameter. When using null as a parameter in a function, there are many different ways of handling this problem depending on whether you want to use array or string as your input variable:

In this article, we will check whether a column is not NULL in SQL. We will provide a quick tip to use for SQL. In order to check whether a column is not null in SQL, you must first install the MySQL client tools and then you need to execute the following query: SELECT CAST(NULL AS DATETIME) FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS WHERE NOT ISNULL(COLUMN_NAME, 'NULL')

Nulls are used in database because they are a way to make the data easily usable. However, there is a problem with nulls in data entry. A single blank cell can be used to hold all kinds of information, including the insertion of information that cannot be duplicated.

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