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The UPDATE command can be used to alter the value of a column after creating and populating a table in SQL. It will modify the value of all the rows in the table if there is no WHERE condition, so make sure you limit what it updates using a proper WHERE condition. Rows can be deleted with the DELETE command.

The UPDATE command modifies the database's existing records. The WHERE clause is used in conjunction with the UPDATE command to edit the database's limited records. The DELETE command is used to remove records from a database that are no longer needed.

To retrieve rows from a database table, use the SELECT SQL statement. To add new rows to a table, use the INSERT statement. To alter and update the values of an existing record, use the UPDATE statement. To erase records from a database table, use the DELETE statement.

In SQL Server, we can insert, update, and delete views.

Connect to a SQL Server Database Engine instance in Object Explorer, then expand that instance. Expand Databases, right-click the database you want to delete, and then select Delete from the drop-down menu. After you've double-checked that the correct database is selected, click OK.

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