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  • PHP Syntax

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A line in PHP code that is not executed as part of the programme is called a comment. Its sole function is to be read by someone who is inspecting the code. Comments can be used to: Make your code more understandable to others.

PHP is an embedded programming language, which means you can write PHP code in an HTML document. The web server translates and embeds the PHP code into one HTML file before providing it to the browser because web browsers can only process HTML files.

A PHP function is a chunk of code that can be used over and over again. It accepts argument lists as input and returns a result. PHP comes with thousands of built-in functions. Conditional functions, Function within Functions, and Recursive functions can all be defined in PHP.

PHP syntax is the structure that defines the PHP computer language. On the server, the PHP script is run, and the HTML output is transmitted to the browser. HTML and PHP tags are commonly used.

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