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Course Content

Crud - Registration and DB connection Part 1

Full Registration System and DB Connection in PHP. With this video, I'll show you how to: 1) Create a simple system for users to register and login into your website 2) Connect your database to the website 3) Control the website from a web browser. In this video, I will teach you how to build and run a full registration system. How to create a database connection in DB.


CSS and style can be applied to your web page based on your application's needs. To make a database connection, use the following PHP code: The first and most fundamental step is to establish a database connection. The database name is "geeksforgeeks," and the PHP file name is "dbconnect. php."

CRUD is frequently used in database and database design situations. Without CRUD operations, software engineers can't get anything done. REST (Representational State Transfer), a superset of CRUD for HTTP resources, is used in website building, for example.

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