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Crud - Registration and DB connection Part 1

Full Registration System and DB Connection in PHP. With this video, I'll show you how to: 1) Create a simple system for users to register and login into your website 2) Connect your database to the website 3) Control the website from a web browser. In this video, I will teach you how to build and run a full registration system. How to create a database connection in DB.


A CRUD application is an application that allows users to create, read, update and delete data in one step. It is a very popular method in applications such as social media platforms and e-commerce sites.

CRUD operations describe operations that can be performed on data stored in an API.These operations allow the API to be queried and retrieved by requesting items that can be returned along with their attributes/properties/values.The type of operation depends upon the API used for accessing the data, but most commonly they fall into one of three categories: get(request), put(request) and delete(request) .

CRUD is a popular programming pattern that is used for manipulating objects in a database. It is often used with object-oriented languages like Java and Ruby.A CRUD procedure (also called an "CRUD" procedure) is the simplest and most basic form of procedural programming. A CRUD procedure can be written as:where:The first line describes what the procedure should do, and the second line describes how it should be implemented using some kind of data structure (in this case, a data table). Notice that both SQL and XML are also "CRUD" procedures; they're just not used with procedural languages like C# or Java.

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