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Session is a PHP object that can store temporary data about an individual user. This data will be stored on the server and will be erased when the session ends. A session can store whatever information you want it to store, like an ID number, the text of a message, or even the contents of an entire database. It is advisable to use sessions for storing smaller amounts of information that doesn't need to last forever.

HP session is used to store and pass information from one page to another temporarily (until user close the website).PHP session technique is widely used in shopping websites where we need to store and pass cart information e.g. username, product code, product name, product price etc from one page to another.PHP session creates unique user id for each browser to recognize the user and avoid conflict between multiple browsers.

PHP has built-in session handling that is based on cookies. The default behavior is to create a cookie with the name PHPSESSID and it expires after the browser is closed. Data can be stored in PHP session by setting $_SESSION array to desired values. Here are some functions related to PHP sessions: setcookie($name, $value, $expire) - creates a new cookie with the given name, value and expiration date; set_cookie($name, $value, $expire) - sets an existing cookie with the given name and value; session_start() - starts a new PHP session; session_destroy() - destroys a PHP session when it's no longer needed.

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