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Dropping a database removes the database from a SQL Server instance as well as the actual disc files it uses. The disc files are not erased if the database or any of its files is offline when it is dropped. Using Windows Explorer, you can manually delete these files.

The command SHOW DATABASES displays a list of databases on the MySQL server host. SHOW DATABASES is a synonym for SHOW SCHEMAS. If present, the LIKE clause specifies which database names to match. As explained in Section 26.8, "Extensions to SHOW Statements," the WHERE clause can be used to pick rows based on more generic constraints.

Execute the following command to see a list of all databases in MySQL: show databases; mysql> Whether you have an Ubuntu VPS or a CentOS VPS, this command will work for you. If you have any other MySQL databases, they will be listed here.

To begin, open the MySQL workbench and connect to the MySQL Server. Second, right-click the database you wish to remove, such as testdb2, and select Drop Schema. from the context menu. Finally, MySQL Workbench shows a confirmation window to confirm the deletion.

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